Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Returned :(

Kate is back! It was not working out with the cat in her new home. Her adopter called to tell me Kate was hiding under the bed because the cat was going after her a lot and was not adjusting well. So I went to get her. I waited at the front door while the woman went to get her and I heard Kate crying. She opened the door, handed her over and off we went.
Here she is in the car when I first took her out to say hello.
She calmed down right away and started purring and kneading!
This is adorable. I ask her if she is ready to go home and she said...
Kate was very content and fell asleep for the long ride home from East Rockaway.

Eko and Tigra were just getting used to having the apartment back to themselves. Tigra was especially happy of course.
When we got home Tigra and Eko were very well behaved! They had a welcome home, reuninon treat together in the kitchen.
Look at that cute little diamond on the back of Kate's neck.
Papa Eko gave Kate some welcome home kisses.
Then Kate had a little nap :)
We will try to find a new adopter soon.
Until then, welcome home Kate!

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