Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucas doing just fine!

I went by the store to see how the little guy was doing, and found one happy kitty! He is totally managing the store!

Look at this guy! He totally has the run of the store and just loves his new home!

He showed me around his new digs and showed me some of his hiding places.

Look at this guy! He thinks he owns the place! At one point, a customer walked in and Lucas walked right over to him to greet him! The guy said "Oh how cute" and bent over to pick him up, kissed him right on the face and put him back down! Zohar, his dad, says he was doing great as of day 1! He greets everyone that walks in, watches movies behind the counter with dad, naps on Zohar's lap, and runs around the store like crazy playing all the time! Check him out testing a new toy!

I was so happy to see him happy! What a happy ending to a sad beginning!

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