Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

Well, we have been a little busy. When Kara was about 2 months old she turned in to Psycho Kitty! She was NUTS! Constant movement and lots of ankle biting!

Even my cats were like...

Good thing they were around to straighten her out. Kittens learn not to bite from their litter mates (in this case her foster cats) because they get bit back and learn it hurts.
They also learn that other cats don't want to play with them when they bite. Her little face looked so hurt when my cats would just get up and walk away:(
The 3 of them get along great now. If you remember, Tigra was not happy about having another foster kitten in the house (she's the baby you know). But even Tigra has given in to this little charmer!

And Kara is still a cutie! She is 11 weeks old today and over the last week or so has calmed down a lot! She is a purring machine and an excellent snuggler. She greets me with a face rub when I walk in the door and sleeps on my pillow at night curled up next to my face. In another week she will be spayed and I will begin looking for her new forever home.

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  1. We were overjoyed to find news of the divine little Kara. We hope she will consider us, her devoted friends,

    Rigel & Hodge Roo